Tofu Stravinsky: Decades and Dépaysement  

Hello from Montreal. My name is Tyler and today I’m thirty years old. I have come to realize a lot happens to a person in this amount of time. They can watch their sucky hockey team get good and then suck again. They can work odd jobs; they can move around; and if they’re lucky, they can learn ............

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From Arcade Fire to Tofu Stravinsky: Soundtrack of the year  

MONTREAL — A new year opens, with all of its inherent promise, and without any of the possibly triskaidekaphobic curses of the one we just buried. Good things happen in years ending in 4s, right? After all, 4/4 is the official time signature of rock ’n’ roll. Forth we go, into the new............

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Ever Evolving. BC Smooth Tofu Stravinsky Relocates to Montreal  

There are journeys and there are journeys. BC indie-jazz band Tofu Stravinsky not only went on a five-week cross-Canada tour in multiple vehicles, they moved their lives with them...........

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Tofu Stravinsky On Moving to Montreal, The Biggest Challenge Facing Emerging Canadian Bands & More  

Nelson band, Tofu Stravinsky, are set to play the Grateful Fed on August 30th. The five-piece band, which developed out of a solo-project started by guitarist and vocalist Tyler Toews, makes a brand of jazz infused indie-rock..........

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Nelson's Tofu Stravinsky celebrates new EP  

Describing their music as “smooth, crunchy,” Tofu Stravinsky is set to release their latest EP — BTTRMLK at The Royal.........

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Radio West Spotlight: Tofu Stravinsky  

Today we shine the Radio West Spotlight on Nelson band, Tofu Stravinsky. Rebecca spoke with band member, Tyler Toews.

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